ABC November-12-2008

Eze 31-32;Job 11;Joh 10.11-21;1Jo 2.24-29




Best Verse(s):







ABC November-11-2008

Eze 29-30;Job 10;Joh 10.1-10;1Jo 2.18-23 Analysis:

Ezekiel: It's God who is doing the judging, 30.25 "...I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon". The result of Egypt's failure to acknowledge God (& as a means of bringing them to their senses?). 30.8 "...Then they will know that I am the Lord..."

Job: Lament's his lot, yet, acknowledgs he is in the hands of God.

John: How do you take time to hear the voice of Jesus? There's a lot of other noise.

1 John: Jesus is the central them of being a Christian. The further away from Him the further move towards error. That's not to say it's a fruitless journet - but it's the _wrong fruit_.

Best Verse(s):

Joh 10.9 9 I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture...

1Jo 2.20 But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you all have knowledge.


God, thank you for your Providence. The things I have (and the things you keep me from having). Help me take time to listen and pray. Help me promote truth.


Saving code snippets

I usually save snippets to my Desktop, or to "My Documents" folder, to try, then to a created folder called "C:\_CMD". This one is for long term use. I've added "C:\_CMD" to the path variable so it can be searched.

The saved file icon should display as fancy-scroll "S". If not -- the editor may be "helping" by automatically adding(& hiding) the ".txt" extention. To get around save in double-quotes: "Chrome_Incognito.js" -- and the name with this extention should "stick". If double-clicking the file opens it in the editor -- script "open" is interpreting as "open with editor" -- to get around: ctrl+shift+click to obtain a context menu that will have an "Open with..." option. Choose this - then choose: "Microsoft (R) Windows Based Script" (and check "always use..." -- if you prefer it).

WScript & external libraries

For those interested in trying some google code

1) go here: http://code.google.com/p/datejs/
    ...to download date.js

2) Save this snippet in same folder as #1 as date_sample.wsf:
      <script src='date.js'></script>
      var ws=5;var dt=4096+0+64;var sn=WScript.ScriptName;
      var oSh=WScript.CreateObject('WScript.Shell');
      var disp_var;
      sn='Return day start';disp_var=Date.today();
      sn='Return next Friday';disp_var=Date.today().next().friday();
      sn='Return previous Monday';disp_var=Date.today().last().monday();
3) Double-click date_sample.wsf

If you have trouble saving code snippits see notes here.



If you haven't updated to this script may still be of use. But, with that version you can now append: ...chrome.exe" --incognito to your Google Chrome shortcut and it will start in Incognito mode by default.

The original script is much "thinner". The differences between them:

-checks to see if chrome is already started - if it has script simply quits.
-sets first URL to use google as a proxy

If you have trouble saving code snippits see notes here.
//Chrome_Incognito(2).js - start chrome incognito
var SN=WScript.ScriptName;
var oSh=new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell');
var liWait=1500;//wait ms (double on older pc)
var sURL='http://translate.google.com/'+
//The above is a "google proxy" - translates a page from spanish to english
//this by default re-renders the same english trans - but allows you to
//escape beyond a firewall via google servers(if you need to) --
//anonymouse.org then hides your ip...
var Chrome_HKLM='HKLM\\'+'SOFTWARE\\' + 
  'Classes\\'+'ChromeHTML\\' + 
  'shell\\'+'open\\'+ 'command\\';
Chrome=Chrome.replace(' "%1"','');
//Check to see if Chrome is already running...
var oFS=new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');
var sComspec=oSh.ExpandEnvironmentStrings('%COMSPEC%') 
var sSystemRoot=oSh.ExpandEnvironmentStrings('%SYSTEMROOT%') 
var sUserprofile=oSh.ExpandEnvironmentStrings('%USERPROFILE%');
var sRun='"'+
  '" /c TaskList/v>"'+
  '\\My Documents\\TaskList.txt"';
var oTaskList;
var oTaskList_FN=sUserprofile+
  '\\My Documents\\TaskList.txt';
var oTaskList=oFS.OpenTextFile(oTaskList_FN,1);
var sTaskList_text=oTaskList.ReadAll();
var nFound=sTaskList_text.indexOf("chrome.exe");
  '" /c '+
  'if exist "'+sUserprofile+'\\My Documents\\TaskList.txt" '+
  'del "'+sUserprofile+'\\My Documents\\TaskList.txt"';
if (nFound!='-1')
 { oSh.popup('Google Chrome already appears to have been started...',3,SN);
//Run Chrome
var pid=false;
var sWTitle='New Tab - Google Chrome';
while (pid==false)
{ WScript.Sleep(250); 
oSh.Sendkeys('^+N');   //start new incognito window
oSh.Sendkeys('%{Tab}');   //go previous(first) browser window
oSh.Sendkeys('%{F4}');   //close first browser window
oSh.Sendkeys('{F6}');   //go addressbar
oSh.SendKeys(sURL+'{Enter}'); //supply 'google proxy'

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