Sometimes moving from spec-to-tool "smartness" gets in the way. For example, when I have a source spec that contains text to be ubiquitously applied in target item -- I'll copy directly from spec then paste across a web page or report. However, not just text but also font type & size is replaced--the target document taking on the format from the source MS-Word spec. My workaround: use the windows 'run' command as a tiny scratch pad & remove the "smartness" in transit.

1. Highlight text from spec and press ctrl-c(see example from MS-Word)
2. Press the Windows-key on keyboard+R (to bring up run command)
3. Paste text on clipboard into the run box by pressing ctrl-v, then press shift+home to highlight all of this text, then press ctrl-c again to copy the text back to the clipbard (at this point it has been 'sanitized' of font info)
4. ...then paste into web page or report(see example report tool)

Example (from MS-Word) - step 1:

Example (to report tool) ...steps 2-4:

Final note: If my change spans multiple lines -- I'll use notepad vs. the windows-run box.


Rom12.9-21 Many examples...

The app demonstrates:

VBScript ~ Randomize ~ Rnd

META tags ~ to refresh the page and provide fade


To download right-click & save without the "_" suffixing character, example, Rom12.9-21.hta


...double-click the downloaded file to run.


Edgar Rice Burroughs etexts ~ TTS

I've created HTML Applications based on Project Gutenberg etexts of some favorite Edgar Rice Burroughs novels I read when young. His style may be lacking -- but, I value them for their imagination and adventure. In this they still don't disappoint.

To install them - save as '.exe' to your desktop, that is, right-click "save as" but remove the trailing "_" character).

To use -- you'll need to have either MS-Excel or a download of the MS Agent software -- see other topics under 'TTS' label.

A Princess of Mars
At the Earth's Core
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Tarzan of the Apes

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