I wanted a tool that allowed me to quickly switch between browsers or launch a file or short-cut with different browers. I created this with that intent.

It is not perfect. If there are multiple-accounts - multiple installs across those accounts - a certain browser listed may _not_ be accessible. Reason being - it creates list by querying system registry for HKLM\Software\Clients\StartMenuInternet" and it's subkeys. To do this it uses 'reg query' - which has differing output depending on your version of windows. If it doesn't work for you let me know what version your on.

When first run - if you have a sidebar it will ask whether you want the tool "Left aligned?"(default) - if you say no, it will assume your sidebar is on the right.

If you're wondering about left align default - I'm left handed. :)


Note: save without the "_" suffix.

v.13 mtb - 03/13/2009 - replace keydown with keypress. v.12 mtb ~ 03/14/2009 - added 'TTS' as browser option - changed input text box for url to textarea - so this now works in concert with TTS.HTA (if present)

v.11 mtb ~ 03/14/2009 - added 'ReaPlayer'(if exists on system) to list of 'browsers'

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