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Melanie and I are reading this ~ very good ~ http://bit.ly/MTBee_ESI_Google_Books_My_Friend_Flicka Author remembers well what it is like to be young. She has an amazing ability to capture what it feels - smells, like and even the way you think as a kid. Example: "He knew how to do it. To get into another world..."


From: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith ~ R.C. Sproul Summary 1. The doctrine of the Trinity affirms the triunity of God. 2. The doctrine of the Trinity is not a contradiction: God is one in essence and three in person. 3. The Bible affirms both the oneness of God and the deity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 4. The Trinity is distinguished by the work assumed by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 5. The doctrine of the Trinity sets the limits of human speculation about the nature of God.
Biblical passages for reflection: Deu6.4;Mat3.16-17;Mat28.19;2Co13.14;1Pe1.2;

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