Logic by Isaac Watts ~ "Veritas in puteo"

Excerpt from the introduction by Watts to his book. "Veritas in puteo" - truth lies in a well. "...it's chief business is to relieve natural weaknesses of the mind by some better efforts of nature; it is to diffuse a light over the understanding in our inquiries after truth...True logic is not that noisy thing that deals all in dispute and wrangling...

Puritan reading/links

Google: A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson Checkout what www.iclnet.org has to has to offer. P.s. Any links to etexts to other Puritan works would be appreciated: Google: A Puritan's Mind

Logic by Isaac Watts

Google : logic isaac watts I've been looking for a library or other free option for this book for some time-thank you Google! P.s. Any links to etexts to other Puritan works would be appreciated: Google: A Puritan's Mind

Produce the body...

Interesting item from Scientific American : new Sasquatch claims from Georgia. Skeptics want to see the body. Believers in Christ have asked the same from skeptics for close to two millennia.

ABC August-17-2008

2Ti 4:9-22;Pro 13:13-25;Luk 18:18-30;Neh 11 Analysis/Best Verse:: 2Ti 4.17 The Lord Stood by me & strengthened me Pro 13.13 God's wisdom is lifesaving Luk 18.29 There's a reward here & in the kingdom. Context is important: in the world to which he'd come--these words were from a poor itinerant Carpenter; and, in the world to come, the same takes His place as King of Kings Lord of Lords. Maybe it's my interpretation -- but, I think the riches he'd spoke of here were of spirit. Contract/Prayer: Please help me remember my place as a follower & my purpose as a witness of your grace.

ABC August-16-2008

2Ti 4:1-8;Psa 13:1-12;Luk 18:9-17;Neh 10 Analysis/Best Verse(s): 2Ti: Paul tasks Timothy before God/Christ the judge. The effects of Timothy's obedience will be seen / made apparent on Christ's return. Psa 13.5-6 When troubled - remember how God has dealt with you. Luk 18.13 God, be merciful to me a sinner! Neh 10.39 We will not neglect the house of our God. Contract/Prayer: Please help me remember I don't represent myself alone. Please remind me of your mercy (Lam 3.12). Please help me by useful & resourceful.

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