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Billy Graham: We have in our generation people who question if the Bible is the Word of God. From beginning to end, the Bible is God’s Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit. When I turn to the Bible, I know that I am reading truth. And I turn to it every day.-

/ETCF 007 The Canon of Scripture

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Biblical Passages for Reflection: I liked this study. Wish it could have been longer in making it's points. For some reason, I think because God is not only author of the Bible -- but, superintends our life in total--this reminded me of this passage from 'Mere Christianity': ...When the Author walks on to the stage the play is over
Netflix recommendations:
...this was really fascinating -- it's a two-fer. It describes their temple architecture and art from the 15th century. Same time as Renaissance -- many similarities in approach -- but, because of the remoteness and the culture -- these have been pretty much unknown to us in the West (until now).
...very good. Details about his early hard work and his breakthroughs in Paris. Fascination with color theory and simplicity (from Japanese). Also, personal details of which I'd been unaware...


...I came across this in morning 'Stumbleupon'...I looked up the facts on Roosevelt. This actually happened...


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