The Empty House

This is an HTML Application wrapper of the BBC production of "The Empty House" at YouTube.



Download ~ extract ~ double-click TheEmptyHouse.hta in the MyItzyBits folder...

SCREENSHOT - Example extract:

SCREENSHOT - Example use:

Shakespearean Comedies(all but one)

These are from 'Theater in Video' website. Found it via my local library links.


Shakespearean Tragedies (all but two)

These are from 'Theater in Video' website. Found it via my local library links.

The version of Macbeth is the one I first saw in school--I still think it one of the best(next to Orson Welles). Most are BBC productions -- exception being Sir Lawrence O's Hamlet:


Rom2DecBG ~ pass old-time Bible ref. to BibleGateway...

Some of the works I'm reading in Google Books have old-time, that is, "Roman Numeral" scripture ref.  This applet converts to decimal and passes to Bible Gateway. It's not "done". I've only coded for references I've found or come across. But, I'll keep expanding it. After downloads ~ run program -- it expands to mySpiritualGP folder. Drag the Rom2DecBG.exe item to your Quick Launch. Then it's a matter of high-lighting some text and clicking the app...


SCREENSHOTS - Extraction Setup:


Link to the Googlebook "Works of the Rev. John Newton":

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