I've been using it for a few weeks now.    It's great.    Couple things:

-If you get disconnected -- F5 to renegotiate the same connection

-Mozilla type browsers like SeaMonkey and FireFox do work with it(exception being Google Chrome).  I've been using SeaMonkey from my home PC; however, if you have to do work over a KVM switch on your desktop --KVM requires IE.  For that purpose then, I also switch to IE on my home pc.

-Virtual desktop software _does_ work -- but, if you use ExeDesk lose the system tray icons and deskbar switch.  Right-click & use the "Windows organizer" to switch desktops or define short-cuts for next ~ previous screens.  I use ^%> and ^%< (on home PC) and +%> and +%< (on remote).


"Read first the best books..." ~ http://bit.ly/HD8BC

"Read first the best books on the subject which you have in hand. Why learn what you have to unlearn? Why overload your mind with too much food or with poisonous food? The important thing for you is not how much you know, but the quality of what you know..."

...good advice for other forms of information as well! ~ m.t.bee

TMS / Grow in Christlikeness

This app lets you listen to the Topical Memory Verses "Grow in Christlikeness".


You'll need 'Peedy' and other MS-Agent components, and RealPlayer.

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