John James Audubon prints

http://digital.library.pitt.edu/a/audubon/plates.html Use the zoom(+) to checkout detail on these -it is amazing: Note: ctrl+click to open in new window -or - use back button to return here. ibid. Mississipi Kite ibid. Great Horned Owl ibid. Great Footed Hawk

Oh, Master!

Before the angel - there was the sound of departing birds speaking, "He is risen!" At the empty cave - there was the warmth of sun on my skin saying, "He lives!" But, then there WAS an angel. And the tomb WAS empty. And, in the quiet of the garden He spoke my name.


Anchors and Encoding

There are some down-loadable resources I'd rendered into a web page for my use -- found that the HTML anchor tag worked a little differently -- when you use a named tag -- it turns out it is better practice to use a link to a section id. Likewise, when you use things like left and right double quotes you have to encode the page properly with the doc and head tags at beginning of document.

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