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...I solemnly promise I won't wear it to work on Fridays and will always wear my cardigan over it.


Stanislaw Lem - His Master's Voice (or when snails meet)

Very philosophic. Worthwhile for the portrayal of how cold-war politics impacted science, the shallowness of science-fiction in the 50s and 60s, and prescient-forward looking to the skepticism of intelligent-design.

I enjoyed it for its characterizations of Baloyne, Rappaport, and the protaganist-narrator Hogarth. The first, Baloyne is the director of the project. He's outsized in everything. Oblique in direct conversation-people never quite no where he stands - which appears to make him friends with everyone (particularly those in power). Rappaport is a holocaust survivor - he has the objectivity early on to realize that nothing may come of the project. Hogarth is a great "existential puritan" he has ideals which he carries into and out of the project - who manages, show how to keep a endearinglevel of but may leave you with a sense of despair. He sums up his experience near the end of the book -- that the human condition is one where he feels we're snails on separate leaves.


This was an interesting article. The distortions of space (micro/macroscopy in article-- micropsia, macropsia, elsewhere) is something I have experience from time-to-time - but-, I attributed to insomnia.



Isaiah 53 (ESV)



Machiavelli: A Biography By Miles J. Unger

Excellent. The history behind the philosophy. This fills the background well and brings a much needed appreciation for Machiavelli as more a commentator on his times (and a patriot) versus the evil, amoral manipulator.

Now I have to learn Italian.


George Eliot by Jenny Uglow

Any book by Jenny Uglow is well worthwhile. They spur me on in learning about history & works of authors I've neglected. I'm finding I'm turning the pages of 'George Eliot' side-by-side with pages of Wikipedia, & Open Library's "Mill on the Floss". Strong, courageous, complex characters require close study. From what I've read so far this delivers. Now what can I find about the 1st reform bill? Fuerbach? Early feminists?






Good Read: No Little People by Francis A. Schaeffer

Good Read: Escape from Reason by Francis Schaeffer







Puritan reads...

'The Mystery of Providence' by John Flavel ~ epub html SAMPLE Now my business here is not so much to deal with professed atheists who deny the existence of God and consequently deride all evidences brought from Scripture of the extraordinary events that fall out in favour of that people that are called His, but rather to convince those that professedly own all this, yet, never having tasted religion by experience, suspect, at least, that all these things which we call special providences to the saints, are but natural events or mere contingencies. Thus, while they profess to own a God and a Providence (which profession is but the effect of their education) they do in the meantime live like atheists, and both think and act as if there were no such things; and really, I fear this is the case with the greater part of the men of this generation. 'Complete John Bunyan' ~ epub html SAMPLE “Then I saw in my dream that the Interpreter took Christian by the hand and led him into a place where there was a fire burning against a wall. There was one standing by it who was always throwing water on it to put it out. Even so the fire burned higher and hotter.” “‘This fire is the work of grace that is done in the heart. The one who throws water on it to extinguish it is the devil. But you also see the reason the fire continues to burn higher and hotter.’ So he took him around to the back of the wall, where he saw a man with a bottle of oil in his hand. He was secretly and continuously throwing this oil into the fire.’”


Good History read...

Lunar Men ...this is an excellent book. It gives a feeling for the general excitement felt for science and discovery from this period.


/Good Read ~ My Friend Flicka

Melanie and I are reading this ~ very good ~ http://bit.ly/MTBee_ESI_Google_Books_My_Friend_Flicka Author remembers well what it is like to be young. She has an amazing ability to capture what it feels - smells, like and even the way you think as a kid. Example: "He knew how to do it. To get into another world..."


From: Essential Truths of the Christian Faith ~ R.C. Sproul Summary 1. The doctrine of the Trinity affirms the triunity of God. 2. The doctrine of the Trinity is not a contradiction: God is one in essence and three in person. 3. The Bible affirms both the oneness of God and the deity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 4. The Trinity is distinguished by the work assumed by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 5. The doctrine of the Trinity sets the limits of human speculation about the nature of God.
Biblical passages for reflection: Deu6.4;Mat3.16-17;Mat28.19;2Co13.14;1Pe1.2;


Halley's Bible Handbook ~ Notable Sayings About the Bible...

Billy Graham: We have in our generation people who question if the Bible is the Word of God. From beginning to end, the Bible is God’s Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit. When I turn to the Bible, I know that I am reading truth. And I turn to it every day.-

/ETCF 007 The Canon of Scripture

    http://bit.ly/MTBee_Googlebooks_HBSHB_Apocrypha http://bit.ly/MTBee_Googlebooks_HBSHB_Notable_Sayings (about the Bible)



Biblical Passages for Reflection: I liked this study. Wish it could have been longer in making it's points. For some reason, I think because God is not only author of the Bible -- but, superintends our life in total--this reminded me of this passage from 'Mere Christianity': ...When the Author walks on to the stage the play is over
Netflix recommendations:
...this was really fascinating -- it's a two-fer. It describes their temple architecture and art from the 15th century. Same time as Renaissance -- many similarities in approach -- but, because of the remoteness and the culture -- these have been pretty much unknown to us in the West (until now).
...very good. Details about his early hard work and his breakthroughs in Paris. Fascination with color theory and simplicity (from Japanese). Also, personal details of which I'd been unaware...


...I came across this in morning 'Stumbleupon'...I looked up the facts on Roosevelt. This actually happened...


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