The Great Debaters (the movie)

Great! Great! Great! Rent it! Note: Not for young kids - but, might be all right for mature teens. Netflicks Blockbuster
Wonderful story. Great acting. Denzel Washington's direction is sharp/well done. Scenes I loved: Training of debaters. Tolson: Who's the Judge? Team: The Judge is God. Tolson: Why is he God? Team: Because he decides who wins or loses ... not my opponent. Tolson: Who is your opponent? Team: He doesn't exist. Tolson: Why doesn't he exist? Team: He is merely a dissenting voice to the truth I speak. Junior's failure: Antaeus - he's thrown down to the ground -- he get's stronger.

ABC August-08-2008

1Ti 5:16-25;Pro 8;Luk 15:11-32;Ezr 10;
Analysis: The letter to Timothy tells us to do what is right in caring for our own. Not just our family of blood , but the church family. I like the end of the passage. It reminds me of M.Aurelius Meditations VII.15 "...Whatever any one does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour." A precious stone remains precious - even if dropped in the mud! Right acts are always _right_. Proverbs tells us about the joy in God's wisdom (& his universals, that is, his universal wisdom?). Luke tells us of the joy and heart of Father God for us his lost children. Ezra tells us that we should take our relationships seriously. Our primary relationship is with God -- when we sully ourselves -- we anger the God who made us for himself. Best Verse(s): 1Ti5.24-25;Pr8.32-36;Lu15.32;Ezr10.4;(ESV) Contract/Prayer: Help me to see & do the good, Help me to watch at your gates, Thank you Father for seeking me, Lord, let me be a strength to others

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