Simple utility to display workstation ~ machine, user, IP.

Right-click 'Save As(without "_") WhoAmI.HTA_



I wanted a tool that allowed me to quickly switch between browsers or launch a file or short-cut with different browers. I created this with that intent.

It is not perfect. If there are multiple-accounts - multiple installs across those accounts - a certain browser listed may _not_ be accessible. Reason being - it creates list by querying system registry for HKLM\Software\Clients\StartMenuInternet" and it's subkeys. To do this it uses 'reg query' - which has differing output depending on your version of windows. If it doesn't work for you let me know what version your on.

When first run - if you have a sidebar it will ask whether you want the tool "Left aligned?"(default) - if you say no, it will assume your sidebar is on the right.

If you're wondering about left align default - I'm left handed. :)


Note: save without the "_" suffix.

v.13 mtb - 03/13/2009 - replace keydown with keypress. v.12 mtb ~ 03/14/2009 - added 'TTS' as browser option - changed input text box for url to textarea - so this now works in concert with TTS.HTA (if present)

v.11 mtb ~ 03/14/2009 - added 'ReaPlayer'(if exists on system) to list of 'browsers'


Google Sites ~ no way to get rid of history?

I attempted 'delete' of an attachment - then re-add in hopes of removing previous versions. When I re-added -- all the versions came back. Well, versioning works swell! But, I'll probably take a different approach to how I manage google sites. I'd like to prohibit reference to prior versions, or, at least more control - like allow three versions back or something.


Determining HTML window position

It's window.screenLeft and window.screenTop in IE ...everything else window.screenX and window.screenY



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About me(a little):

      Lost, hopeless, aimless. Totally dead.

    Met Christ:

      Found, hopeful, heaven-bound.
      Grave clothes keep coming off.
      Trip up from time-to-time,
      but, my soul keeps on singing.



      Love to read, love to look at
      the night sky, love to cook
      and love watching Julia C.

      Computer programmer by profession.
      Devil in the details takes on a
      whole new meaning in my work.
      Glad God is The God of Order
      and that I belong to him.


CompareSuite - excellent

Been trialing CompareSuite for comparison of Excel, PDF, other output.

Really great tool.


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