Reducing PC Noise Pollution

I absolutely _hate_ default Microsoft sounds. I choose to relegate almost all to 'Windows XP Balloon.wav' -- & save this as a '!balloon' sound scheme.

Using MWSnap

This is a really great piece of software. Google ~ MWSnap If you configure it with your computer name and these settings -- it can be a great help in documentation efforts.


Bible Reading Program Changes

I'm trying to update the calendar going forward to include audio links.

This may not work for everyone. The .MP3 downloads might be impractical for slower internet connections -- but, those that have the bandwidth will probably find it helpful. I'm also putting a .WAV intro to each part. Using the TXT 2 WAV google gadget and Microsoft Anna voice. Also, using .WPL (windows media playlist) as a way to tie these together.



Here's a script to start one or more Google Chrome profiles.

For more try a search for 'profiles'.


SVN Renaming files...

Update, do it in the repo browser, than update again. Give a generic comment like 'Naming...interim checkin'

LibriVox's New Releases

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