MSAgent is pretty cool. It uses animated characters and text-to-speech. The HTA app described took about an hour to create(including download / install times). It creates two iframe windows -- BibleGateway on top - sanitized text below. Change scripture reference in top window and click 'update' - the MSAgent character "speaks" the verse text.
EXAMPLE of working PlayVerse.HTA: Try It:
1) Install MSAGent & 'Genie'(for speech synthesis - SAPI 5 will / should work).
2) Save PlayVerse.exe_ to your desktop. double-click to extract the PlayVerse.HTA to a folder with that name
3) Double-click Playverse.hta to play.

AutoIt update...

There is a new version of AutoIt available. However, if you're upgrading -- you might want to be cautious in installing/recompiling. I found, for instance, the GUIConstants.au3 include file had changed. $ES_Password constant was no longer there. I had to lookup from help and add to my scripts. Const $ES_PASSWORD=0x0020

Still, AutoIt is a great help. I'd rather be current and tweak a script or two - than not have this tool.

ABC August-09-2008

1Ti 6:1-10;Pro 9;Luk 16:1-9;Neh 1-2; Analysis: We should be _Godly_ and content. Riches are not for the next world. In His light we see light. Be pragmatic. Pray. God hears and turns hearts. Best Verse(s): 1Ti 6:6-7;Pro9.9-10;Luk16.8-9;Neh1.11; Contract/Prayer: Help me keep my eyes on heaven and you.

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