My QuickLaunch

On restart they tend to get re-arranged --
so to reorder ~ position my quick launch items
I snapped picture & documented...


!lefty_mouse !righty_mouse Backup
DOS temp RunHighlighted
CopyPlayTTS… MakeUncList SaveAsText…
Compare Suite IE Drop… Google Chrome
IE FireFox Opera
Safari SeaMonkey MWSnap
ChromeStart.vbs Outlook EditPlus
%{Tab} Upper Lower
Paste +^{Tab} ^{Tab}
CopyAll Undent Indent
Size_win ExeDeskPrev ExeDeskNext
MyShowDeskTop myODBCAD32 [WinSQL]
WebFocus CrystalReports Run
KVM1 Stage… …Prod …Logoff

The '.au3' scripts are AutoIt scripts. If you do any Q/A, testing, or development - this is a tool well worth your time.

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