Google Books ~ limit your search with double-quotes...

You can limit your xref by double-quoting ...
Example: "free will" within "Confessions" ~


Google Books is sweet!

You can add books to your library and then search -- this yields a cross-reference throughout the work. This means even where there is missing page content -- say in a 'limited previews it still cross-references all content! For found items -- they appear as a series of 'boxed comments'(if you don't see these click on 'contents' link - then 'order by page'). Click on any of these and your taken to that page--then the other cross-references (including omitted material) appear as little pale-blue 'markers' on right margin. Scroll-these and float-over the mark -- the context of your search text appears in a balloon above the mark. For pages for which there is content -click--and you are taken there!

Click the 'link' on that googlebooks search -- and you can share with others.

Try this one on 'will' within the 'Confessions' of St. Augustine:


Journal of John Woolman

I found this a good read & helpful in my thinking about my own & my family's growth
~ Journal of John Woolman ~ http://preview.tinyurl.com/

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