I love to read(see the link to Project Gutenberg at bottom). I made this app to demonstrate ~ provide an easy way to use the TTS functionality that MS Windows. I use it for emails, online texts, other reading - it has helped me greatly.

Follow the tinyURL to download:


NOTE: Save (without the trailing "_" char) to your desktop - to use - double-click.

If your browser doesn't let you adjust the name of the download -- you'll have to manually rename it once it get's to your download folder or desktop.

v.14 mtb ~ 05/23/2009 ~ dropped requirement of Excel
v.12 mtb ~ 03/14/2009 ~ went graphical with buttons, allow pass in of command line text to be played (after which it quits), this now works in concert with BrowseThis.HTA (if present)

Google 'Gutenberg':


Download details: Streets and Trips 2009

Download details: Streets and Trips 2009: "Available hard-disk space: 1.9 GB."...wondering if this comes with Microsoft Anna? ...for XP? Yes!

Once installed you can change the default voice for your XP computer to Microsoft Anna. She appears to stick around even if you don't choose to keep ~ purchase Streets and Trips.

...does anyone if this download is still available somewhere?


Browser Alerts IE 8 (beta 2) ~ SM 2.0 (beta)

If using SeaMonkey 2.0 you'll need the latest Flash or Shockwave plug-in from Adobe
If using some of the IE 8.0 Betas - McAffee security may not be compatible(try RC1). Wouldn't normally be a problem accept the default 'window open' for some gadgets ~ apps is IE and you're left with a useless window. You can close them if you taskmanager end task (twice). Once for the unusable window - once for the 2nd(!) window which IE tries to open ('Your last window closed unexpectedly - what do you want to do?'). Meanwhile, where you can you have to copy ~ paste from your gadget ~ reader to a browser window that works!


Isa43.1b-3a.au3 ~ exe

This is an example of how to play a scripture verse using RealPlayer and the BibleGateway. On the BibleGateway, I right-clicked a 'listen' link and saved the 'SMIL' reference. I edited that file to include a &Start and an &End parm(by default reads whole chapter) and saved it to a Google site (so I could play it from most anywhere).

Then I created this script, compiled, & scheduled executable(through Windows Task Scheduler).
; Desc:  Play verse using RealPlayer & AutoIt
BlockInput(1);Disable input 'til RP start...
Run('"C:\Program Files\Real\RealPlayer\realplay.exe" ' & _
  'http://sites.google.com/' & _
  'site/' & _
  'mikebeeesifighterverses/' & _
  'set-d/' & _
While Not WinExists("Real")
 Sleep(55);...wait for RP
If WinExists("Real") Then
Sleep(36000);...wait expected duration
If WinExists("Real") Then


Review of [crun] The Crystal Reports Underground News - Volume 2009.01

The "[crun] The Crystal Reports Underground News - Volume 2009.01" came out recently.

Items I thought Usefull:

Using AutoComplete in Crystal Reports formulas

Shared Variables from a suppressed subreport

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