Opera 10 Beta - very cool!

You can use Opera Unite services to spin things(like your music or a website) from your home / work / notebook PC.

On opening up and trying these services -- there are a few issues:
  • File sharing doesn't appear to work-see filelist but download' link doesn't form completely.
  • Services don't appear to run independent of the browser -- have to keep a browser window open at all times. 
These are the services I find most useful:
  • Document Courier
  • Lounge
  • Fridge (updated one if you leave very short notes)
  • Media player (for MP3s)
  • Tempbin 

LeftHanded mouse pointers

On setting up a new computer I was most pleasantly surprised to find these pointers now available!


If you go here and follow the instructions you can setup a sinister pointer scheme.

If it makes it easier -- you can get these in one .Zip here:


...also, to read the doc file from this website -- you need the Office Converter Pack (if you don't have Office 2007)

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