ABC August-10-2008

1Ti6.11-21;Pro10.1-16;Luk16.10-18;Neh3; Analysis: Paul finishes the letter by telling Timothy to _finish well_ and that this charge _is before God_. Proverbs exhort us to pay attention to the time & the task. That is, we are here for a reason to share, to work, to witness. By fulfilling our tasks we earn: something. God's joy which then becomes ours. Luke teaches us to serve God not money. Nehemiah teaches us to work together & not be proud: the list of people/families that individually worked on the wall is missing names from the Tekoites. It says their nobles were too proud to stoop and server their Lord. Best Verse(s): 1Ti6.11-16;Pro10.1-2,5,11,14,16;Luk16.10-18;Neh3.5; Contract/Prayer -God, you are my judge. I want to bring you joy -It's harvest time. I must study & speak. -Be faithful in little things that I might be worth of greater things. -Be humble & willing to serve/stoop.

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