H. Rider Haggard

H. Rider Haggard wrote "She" and "King Solomon's Mines".
I've been experimenting with MS-Agent and MS-Reader. I've found a public domain Project Gutenberg etext of one of his books which I've been wanting to read. I've created a few HTML Applications using this text and these technologies. If you'd like to try them:

-right-click/save these links to your desktop or my documents folder
-rename from "file.exe_" to "file.exe"
-double-click and follow directions to extract to the folder specified
-double-click the resultant '.HTA' application in that folder


If you'd like something for your children - this might be nice. It's the images from the 'Classics Illustrated' comic form of the novel:

I think I concur with the author. Start at book 2. First six-seven chapters seem to have little action.

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