The Song of Hiawatha by H.W.Longfellow

This is an HTA (HTML Application) that wraps the Project Gutenberg etext and plays it back using SAPI - TTS.

1) Download the self-extracting file to your desktop or "My Documents" folder
2) Run the file to extract the book
3) Double-click the file_pg_etext.hta file.
4) Click a chapter link and 'play' ~ 'stop'


See also: How to make a TTS Book, HTML Applications, Literature

This is definitely a text that's best listened to
spoken vs TTS -- try:
Librivox recordings.
SCREENSHOT - Example of extraction and use...

SCREENSHOT - Regular Expressions & Roman Numerals...

Most Gutenberg texts have 'Chapter I' or 'CHAPTER I' type divisions.
This one did not. To use my TTS applet I had to prepend the 'Chapter'
text in front of the Roman Numeral text divisions. I thought it might
be helpful to others so I'm posting 'how-to' here as well. I used the
SemWare Editor to accomplish this.

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