Thinner TTS...

I hop around so many apps -- I thought I'd better come up with a better way to do TTS(at least for me).

Save the download to your desktop-- run to extract -- then drag TTSAnyAppTray.exe to your Quick Launch or simply double-click it. You'll see a system tray '>' play icon that you can then activate for play~speak back of text with SAPI.  Then, highlight some text -- right-click the app in the system tray and click 'play' -- to pause~stop right-click and click play again (to uncheck).

TTSAnyAppTray.exe has additional options:

ReadBrackets ~ check to read numeric footnote, e.g., [1] - default behavior is to not read these type items.
ReadParens ~ check to read numerics found inside parens, e.g., Robert Louis Stenvenson(1850-1898) default behavior is to not read these type items.
Phonetics ~ click to open a window which stores ~ saves a list of phonetics "swaps", for example "WAR I=WAR ONE, etc.


ProcessQuit.exe, TTSAnyAppTray.exe, TTSAnyApp.exe

Creative Commons License
TTSAnyAppTray by Michael T. Bee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://michaeltbeeitprof.blogspot.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mailto:michael.t.bee.itprof@gmail.com.

Of course, a truly thinner TTS would be a Kindle.  But, on our budget that may be a while.  Meanwhile...

The phonetics are now "saveable".  Try changing "(default)"  to a specific name and then pressing OK.  If you then click the '...' -- you bring that file up and edit your own set of phonetics.  If you want to have multiple copies -- save as a different name.

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