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Ch.1 "She survived despite her troubles, with the help of an unprecedented bounty of love" Paulownia, Poet of "The Song of Everlasting Sorrow"
Ch. 2 ...why does the conversation here make me think of 'How I met your Mother'? The review of the amorous notes(waka?), the metaphors of women to "things", "locker room" stories... coryza,propinquity
Read this again in the Royall Tyler translation.  Very good. obdurate, obduracy


01. The Paulownia Court
02. The Broom Tree
03. The Shell of the Locust
04. Evening Faces
05. Lavender
06. The Safflower
07. An Autumn Exersion
08. The Festival of the Cherry Blossoms
09. Heartvine
10. The Sacred Tree
11. The Orange Blossoms
12. Suma
13. Akashi

14. Channel Buoys
15. The Wormwood Patch
16. The Gatehouse
17. A Picture Contest
18. The Wind in the Pines
19. A Rack of Cloud
20. The Morning Glory
21. The Maiden
22. The Jeweled Chaplet
23. The First Warbler
24. Butterflies
25. Fireflies
26. Wild Carnations
27. Flares
28. The Typhoon

29. The Royal Outing
30. Purple Trousers
31. The Cypress Pillar
32. A Branch of Plum
33. Wisteria Leaves
34. New Herbs
35. New Herbs
36. The Oak Tree
37. The Flute
38. The Bell Cricket
39. Evening Mist
40. The Rites
41. The Wizard
42. His Perfumed Highness
43. The Rose Plum
44. Bamboo River
45. The Lady at the Bridge
46. Beneath the Oak
47. Trefoil Knots
48. Early Ferns
49. The Ivy
50. The Eastern Cottage

51. A Boat upon the Waters
52. The Drake Fly
53. The Writing Practice
54. The Floating Bridge of Dreams

"The Song of Unending Sorrow"

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