ABC August-14-2008

2Ti 3:1-9;Pro 12:1-14;Luk 17:20-37;Neh 8 Analysis/Best Verse(s): 2Ti 3.1-5: ...unless you're sent(like Moses) avoid the ungodly/fool. I don't think this means avoid entering in discussions - or that we shouldn't be in the world. I think it means don't answer a fool according to his folly. 2Ti 3.9b Their works & end are/will be evident. Pro 12.11: work with what you have -- don't chase fantasy. Luk 17.28-30 Jesus return is longed for by Christians -- but, it's an awful day for the lost. Neh 8.10 Faith should give strength not sap it. Contract/Prayer: Help me know the right from the wrong. Help me know what my strength & assets are and to use them well. When I look at others help me to ask the question: how is my relationship with them(or lack of it) readying us for Christ's return? And, is my faith springing from Grace and thankfulness or my own efforts & understanding? Lord Jesus be my joy.

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